Guard your thoughts.

Well meaning people will try to talk you out of your dreams. What lights you up may not be important to them.

They don’t “get it”

Guard your dreams, goals and thoughts or chasing success in it will be exhausting.

Typically, advice is given when it wasn’t asked for. Often, it’s hard not to at least consider what is being said. Is it valuable? Mostly not.

If I asked my best friend ( who I know is always looking out for my best interests) and someone at my job that I have had coffee with every day for 5 years, for the same advice, they would be very different. Why would I even ask my co-worker?

Here is the thing, many of us seek approval. We want to hear the answer we are seeking, and what we end up with is a mess of assumptions. I assume they get it, they assume I get it.

How about letting all of the judgement go.

How about spending time with others that will lift you up, ONLY.

Let It Go 

Around this time of year, some people get  irritated easily, a little overwhelmed (ok, a lot overwhelmed). I used to be one of them. 

There was a time when I would stress over the perfect gifts, the best food, the most elegant decor, and outfit. Then, it hit me…no one cares. They really don’t! If anyone does care, they are being judgemental so it doesn’t count. 

Changing my mindset to chill out, let it all fall into place and take the pressure off of me and everyone around me was a blessing. I noticed that my inner circle started following suit; less fuss, less stress, and more enjoyment. 

Christmas can be the most beautiful tine of the year. We just have to let it. ❤

Immune Boosting Foods – Stay Healthy for the Holiday Season

Switching gears a little today to talk about having a strong immune system because guess what, if you are not well, you may not exercise, or stay on track with anything.

If you are out at the mall, socializing  virus’ are naturally floating around this time of year…

Here is a list of IMMUNE BOOSTING FOODS – see how many you incorporate in your diet regularly!


Citrus Fruits – we all know, vitamin C
Red Bell Peppers – lost double the vitamin C of citrus fruits!
Broccoli – antioxidant
Garlic – yes its true 🙂
Spinach – we knew this one too
Yoghurt – choose live and active cultures
Almonds – powerful little snack that I always recommend ( 8 at ta snack)
Tumeric – it is so powerful!
Green Tea – yes, we all knew that one too
Papaya – lots of vitamins including C

I also recommend a product I use daily in the winter called  Isamune Plus – Zinc, Echinacea, Reishi mushroom and colostrum ! A few squirts a day !

Stay healthy Everyone!