Belief Series Video #2

Who told you that you CAN do it?

Who said you ARE smart, funny, capable, brilliant, you are going places?

I bet you know exactly who said it. You’re fortunate. A few of you may be thinking “no one ever told me that stuff” and that is a shame.

Having someone pour into you and build belief in yourself is a gift. Building belief in others is also a gift and it is the gift that keeps on giving.

This message is for you if you are a parent, a boss, leader of a team, a friend, or just about anybody. Helping others believe in themselves is not only going to serve them but it is also going to enhance your relationships, build your team faster, and generally get the results you are looking for quicker.

Listen to this weeks episode of The Belief Series for my top 4 tips and a personal story that I believe many of you can relate to.


By the way…I believe in you.

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Belief Series Video #1

Belief or lack of belief in yourself can make or break your success. It just does. How do we as Work From Home Women succeed when there are so many people and circumstances just waiting to knock us off our game? Perhaps we started out with our belief a little shaken. Maybe we have failed at something before or not followed through with something and we have secretly labelled ourselves a failure or a quitter.

From my experience with my own growth in business and from spending time with many self made millionaires, belief trumps skill, belief trumps knowledge and it even trumps grit.

Believing in ourselves being able to accomplish a goal takes more than just saying “I can do it” ( and then secretly, on the inside, thinking..who am I?” )

In this episode, the first of the series on belief, I share 5 ways to build your belief, they are simple and are quite doable. I recorded this while on vacation at one of my favourite places. I always believed I would end up here, but it took many years of growing my believe in myself to actually have the guts to make it happen.

Watch this short episode.


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Where the heck does the day go?

You know what I’m talking about, all of a sudden it’s 3pm and you feel like you have nothing to show for the day? Perhaps the kids are on their way home from school in the next hour and panic washes over you? Perhaps even guilt? It’s not your fault! You just didn’t know about having systems to move you ahead hour by hour or day by day!

I know what this is all about, I have worked from home going on 7 years, although I worked out of the house for 3 1/2 of those years as well…I needed to have systems or I would not have been able to create success in the 1-2 hours a day I had. When I was able to leave my career and come home full time, it was actually even more challenging to stay on task! Can you relate?

In this week’s episode, #3 of the Work From Home Series, I talk about systems and what has worked for me. I hope you find it valuable!

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Top 9 reasons to have an at Home Business

I know it’s a tough place to be in, you aren’t sure how to get out of the spot you’re in.
You may have a job that just isn’t making ends meet, or a career that you spent many years in school for and how on earth could you do anything else? You may be a Mom who has a new baby and the thought of going back to work full time makes you feel sick with anxiety.
I’ve been there and what I found was a home based business can be a great answer to many of those issues.

Listen in to this weeks episode for my top 9 reasons that it is a good idea.

9 Reasons to Work From Home

Choosing which opportunity that suits you is another story. You must have passion about the product or service, there must be some training in place, some tracks to run on that will lead you to your desired outcome. You must be willing to set aside some time to learn and be a student.

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My Best,

Lynn Pelzer

Let It Go 

Around this time of year, some people get  irritated easily, a little overwhelmed (ok, a lot overwhelmed). I used to be one of them. 

There was a time when I would stress over the perfect gifts, the best food, the most elegant decor, and outfit. Then, it hit me…no one cares. They really don’t! If anyone does care, they are being judgemental so it doesn’t count. 

Changing my mindset to chill out, let it all fall into place and take the pressure off of me and everyone around me was a blessing. I noticed that my inner circle started following suit; less fuss, less stress, and more enjoyment. 

Christmas can be the most beautiful tine of the year. We just have to let it. ❤