Fired Up?

Fired up?
Maybe not.

How do we stay excited to keep going with our at home business when we are accountable only to ourselves?

After nearly 7 years of building an at home business, I have learned a thing or 2 from my own experience and also from watching listening and learning to my community of others doing the same.

I know for sure that we need to keep the fire going to decide to act every day and move ahead.

In today’s episode of the work from home Women series, I share my top tips, enjoy!



Why Work From Home? What’s in it for me?

Why Work From Home? What’s in it for me?

It sounds appealing.

It sounds like a good idea.

Where to begin? Is it even something I can do?

All of these questions swirl around as us Ladies think about our kids, our homes, our current career and our dreams. We have so many pressures, so many decisions and so many people pulling us in every direction. Sometimes, it is hard to even know where to begin or if we SHOULD begin.

Many years ago, I wish I had a fast track to make my decision and to take a leap with more confidence.

Check out the first of a series for Work From Home Women where I share how it happened for me. I hope to inspire you with my real life story.
Click on photo to view video.


Immune Boosting Foods – Stay Healthy for the Holiday Season

Switching gears a little today to talk about having a strong immune system because guess what, if you are not well, you may not exercise, or stay on track with anything.

If you are out at the mall, socializing  virus’ are naturally floating around this time of year…

Here is a list of IMMUNE BOOSTING FOODS – see how many you incorporate in your diet regularly!


Citrus Fruits – we all know, vitamin C
Red Bell Peppers – lost double the vitamin C of citrus fruits!
Broccoli – antioxidant
Garlic – yes its true 🙂
Spinach – we knew this one too
Yoghurt – choose live and active cultures
Almonds – powerful little snack that I always recommend ( 8 at ta snack)
Tumeric – it is so powerful!
Green Tea – yes, we all knew that one too
Papaya – lots of vitamins including C

I also recommend a product I use daily in the winter called  Isamune Plus – Zinc, Echinacea, Reishi mushroom and colostrum ! A few squirts a day !

Stay healthy Everyone!