Fired Up?

Fired up?
Maybe not.

How do we stay excited to keep going with our at home business when we are accountable only to ourselves?

After nearly 7 years of building an at home business, I have learned a thing or 2 from my own experience and also from watching listening and learning to my community of others doing the same.

I know for sure that we need to keep the fire going to decide to act every day and move ahead.

In today’s episode of the work from home Women series, I share my top tips, enjoy!



Why Work From Home? What’s in it for me?

Why Work From Home? What’s in it for me?

It sounds appealing.

It sounds like a good idea.

Where to begin? Is it even something I can do?

All of these questions swirl around as us Ladies think about our kids, our homes, our current career and our dreams. We have so many pressures, so many decisions and so many people pulling us in every direction. Sometimes, it is hard to even know where to begin or if we SHOULD begin.

Many years ago, I wish I had a fast track to make my decision and to take a leap with more confidence.

Check out the first of a series for Work From Home Women where I share how it happened for me. I hope to inspire you with my real life story.
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Decide You Want More

Here is a thought, we can have what we want.

So, how the heck do we get IT? It starts with a decision. A decision that what we want is within reach if we just decide to do the work. I’ve always been a hard worker, and I am also distracted easily! You see how that can be a problem?

Doing the work starts with mindset. Questions to ask ourselves, what are the obstacles that have stood in my way in the past? Were they REALLY obstacles or was I just allowing a mere shoe I tripped over show up as a mountain? Have I given it a fair try to conquer?


Where do I start?

How about making a list of all the things that MIGHT help to move through that obstacle? If it is health related, diet or exercise will be of great help. What is stopping you from having a healthy meal 3 times a day?





Every single one of these are easily handled, just think about it. Spend a few minutes finding a solution and then implement. It isn’t IMPOSSIBLE, it just takes some work.

Decide, work it and succeed. Easier said than done, I know. It is possible.


Guard your thoughts.

Well meaning people will try to talk you out of your dreams. What lights you up may not be important to them.

They don’t “get it”

Guard your dreams, goals and thoughts or chasing success in it will be exhausting.

Typically, advice is given when it wasn’t asked for. Often, it’s hard not to at least consider what is being said. Is it valuable? Mostly not.

If I asked my best friend ( who I know is always looking out for my best interests) and someone at my job that I have had coffee with every day for 5 years, for the same advice, they would be very different. Why would I even ask my co-worker?

Here is the thing, many of us seek approval. We want to hear the answer we are seeking, and what we end up with is a mess of assumptions. I assume they get it, they assume I get it.

How about letting all of the judgement go.

How about spending time with others that will lift you up, ONLY.