Belief Series Video #1

Belief or lack of belief in yourself can make or break your success. It just does. How do we as Work From Home Women succeed when there are so many people and circumstances just waiting to knock us off our game? Perhaps we started out with our belief a little shaken. Maybe we have failed at something before or not followed through with something and we have secretly labelled ourselves a failure or a quitter.

From my experience with my own growth in business and from spending time with many self made millionaires, belief trumps skill, belief trumps knowledge and it even trumps grit.

Believing in ourselves being able to accomplish a goal takes more than just saying “I can do it” ( and then secretly, on the inside, thinking..who am I?” )

In this episode, the first of the series on belief, I share 5 ways to build your belief, they are simple and are quite doable. I recorded this while on vacation at one of my favourite places. I always believed I would end up here, but it took many years of growing my believe in myself to actually have the guts to make it happen.

Watch this short episode.


See you next week !

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